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Journey's End Posted on Apr 04, 2009 at 11:53 AM
Well, it has been fun. I was successful in finding some with whom I can relate. Therefore my journey on this site has, in a sense, been completed. Thank you all who have followed my brief journey. Good luck to you all.
Drag Show Rant Posted on Apr 02, 2009 at 07:59 PM
So, the former gay and lesbian organization is hosting a drag show on campus. I initially found out about this drag show by attending a meeting at the alleged gay & lesbian organization at the college I attend. They had absolutely no resources for gay people. Moreover there were, well, no gays or lesbians save a few. There was a faculty member who is gay, a faculty member who is a lesbian, and a gay guy who doesn't even attend the college. Regardless, this organization seemed put off by gay and lesbian people. They were excited about putting on a drag show to raise funds, however. As a lesbian I don't know anything about the drag scene. However, I dressed up as a guy for Halloween and it turned out fine. I figured I could do the same thing for these kids at the campus... especially since it was being hosted by the "gay & lesbian" organization. I tried to volunteer... repeatedly. However, the kids apparently never learned manners. They felt that ignoring me was the best policy. I tried emailing them to try to volunteer and they still ignored me. I then assumed that they obviously didn't need any help. Over time, the group changed its goals. It's no longer for gays and lesbians. It has a "wider focus". (It never seemed to be for gays and lesbians in the first place, so this change is probably for the best.) Two weeks away from the start of the show, these kids were begging for student volunteers. I said that if they were serious, I could see what I could do. They told me they were meeting on Sunday. I arrived at the meeting on Sunday. Again, they ignored my questions and my attempt to help. They were practically creaming in their pants over a male student volunteer, however. (Most of the members of this club are straight females.) They tried shaving his beard while he adamantly refused and ran away from them. (I fail to understand how he was going to be a drag woman with a beard... but whatever.) I waited until this ridiculous session was over to try my hand again. I was met with vague answers to my questions. I was also called a stripper. Now the show is coming in a few days. This experience causes me to wonder just what role drag shows are supposed to have in my life anyway. Straight people think they are an integral part of the gay community... but the drag scene seems wholly separate. I have no desire to be a male. I don't mind looking like one... but not in everyday life. I don't understand the purpose other than it is apparently good entertainment. There is apparently a show on TV right now that sheds light on the whole drag show concept. I have Googled the concept and tried reading about it, but there does not seem to be anything definitive on the meaning behind drag shows. I had hoped there was some sort of reason behind the behavior behind many of those in drag... but apparently there is no justification. Perhaps people like being disrespected? I certainly don't.
Beginning of a New Journey? Posted on Apr 01, 2009 at 02:36 AM
So, now I have created a profile. Next is the long, arduous search for someone with whom I can relate. I am (and have always been) surrounded by people who are different from me. I would like to see if it is possible to find someone who is similar to me, most importantly a fellow lesbian. I have gone to gay bars, social networking/dating sites for gay people, and gay organizations in hopes of meeting other lesbians such as myself. I have failed. Now the search enters into the third year. I continue to hold hope in the tool that is the internet. I hope to find that someone with whom I can relate, that potential friend. Either way, I plan to chronicle my adventures and my search in this blog. (This is the only blog I can use to write about these things.) I will also use this blog as a sound board for certain gay/lesbian issues that arise in my life. For the rare reader out there, thank you for reading my blog. I hope that my journey interests you in some way.