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Blog title: This is what I call Venting.!
Blog description: Yes I am aout to vent out and there isnt a thing that you can do.First off I have been in a relationship with the same girl for almost 5 years and what I share with her is a simple secret. Mainly because no one knows about me in her but my family because im open to my family. And her two sisters. Not her MOM or DAD. An she isnt making no attemf to let of be known. And I sick of it because all she does is nagg about how she wishs she didnt have to hide. We dont have any pictures together because
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Venting part 2 Posted on Tue, Aug 10, 2010 01:02
she fears that the will get in the wrong hands. We have been staying together for 5 years. I have not spent one holiday with her and this is borthing me. And i really considering leaving because I feel that I dont matter to her.whats a girl to do,