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Blog title: why say "FREE" when it's not?
Blog description: ok ladies, am I the only one out here in cyberspace who thinks that when someone[or website] claims to be "Free" that it really should be? I thought this one would be different than the rest of the "mail order bride" sites who say free,then charge a membership for anything but seeing profiles;say a once a month hi.they proclaimed "communicate free via email",then in order to do so;you have to "upgrade".not everyone can afford that kind of money in this ...
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Is there such a thing as "love at first unseen sight" ? Posted on Fri, Feb 12, 2010 00:00
here goes.... would love some feedback ladies.... {just so I know I'm not going senile!} I came to this site just to look around, tired of being single and alone.... y'all know that scene.... well, O browsed this site and through the profiles. sent a few but nothing in particular. A few days after creating my profile, I get a wink / email from a woman.... reading her profile; I thought I was nearly reading my own.... emails started and talked a few times.... from somewhere deep inside me; I felt like I was talking to someone I've known my entire life.... couldn't get this woman off my mind no matter what I was doing {even at work}.... I think I've fallen/falling? for her and we haven't even met. She calls me her angel, and she's my breath of fresh air and my light.... we'll be meeting soon {mid March}.... so, is it possible for the "love at first sight" to happen over the phone and net???? curious.... don't want to get hurt like I did with the ending of a 10yr relationship.