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Blog title: Find true love here, seek perfect gal to live with for ever!
Blog description: Just hope to find true love here, I am very charming and noble, I do not like guys but I like gals very much. If I can find a beautiful, gentle, kind-hearted, caring and passinate girl here, I would like to do anything for her in my rest lifetime! Hope that angel is you!
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hope to hear from you soon! 46 Views 03/20/06
make friends with you!
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Find true love here 37 Views 03/19/06
Hope to find a perfect soul mate!
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Do you live in New York? 92 Views 02/20/06
I hope that you is my gal in heart and live in New York so that I can find you easily! I love swimming, watching TV,reading comedy book,cooking and having a picnic once a week if possible. I am very outgoing and devoted to find my love, hope that you are in the same way, no play games, please! If you want to know more, please message me, thanks!
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