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Blog title: I Don't Fit The Stereotypes
Blog description: Here I am, the lesbian with multiple "identities" The neat little labels that the Gay/ Lesbian community imposes don't really attach to me. Or do they?
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So Let's Talk About Those Labels ... Posted on Sun, Feb 28, 2010 18:15
A little bit about me: If pressed I'd have to say I'm a femme, but I don't fit neatly into that tiny box. Yes, I'm more "bottom" than top. My most exciting sexual encounters have been with stone butches (as defined here). But I hate to wear dresses/skirts & if I could wear jeans to everything I would. Most days I use no makeup (I have plenty, use it when I "need" to). I prefer sneakers over pumps. I've always been a Tomboy tho I'm "well past 30something": tinker on my own car & everything. As if that wasn't enough, I'm a chocolate hued Caribbean born sistah, but so help me I prefer a little "cream" in my coffee ... if y'know what I mean. It seems that most people tend to not cross ethnic lines, but I step boldly into the forbidden territory. I'm strongly attracted to androgynous, boyish women, but I don't like "mannish" women who look/behave like a dude ... y'know, shaven heads, male characteristics and so on. And yet, I look at a woman like Alicia Keys & my knees go weak (but that probably applies to all of us, huh? :D). Am I confusing you? Does anyone understand me? Most importantly, is there a woman out there who would accept me with these quirks? (I know I haven't posted a pic yet ... I'm a bit timid in this respect, but I promise you I'm real easy on the eyes.)