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Blog title: Florida Lesbian Paradise?
Blog description: I dont get it... I live in South Florida and it seems that even tho I live in an area that should have a plethera of single lesbians I keep finding women who are either still in a relationship, are not living in my area, or just cant commit to 1 woman.... Why do we get to know women that we know we have no chance at having a relationship with? I am tired of having friends telling me what a great person I am... I want to meet MS RIGHT. so damn tired of MS RIGHT-NOW. Does anyone else feel the same
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Florida Hunting Posted on Wed, Aug 12, 2009 10:32
I live in South Florida where there should be a plethera of available lesbians... but it seems the only women I seem to meet dont want the same things... I am not a 2nd date Uhauler but I do want commitment... is that a bad word these days?? It seems either I meet women far away or that are afraid of committing cause they may be missing out on some one better... Anyone else feeling this way?