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Alright ladies Posted on Wed, Oct 07, 2009 20:45
Im 5ft even Filipina/Native American. Im fun, outgoing, and will try anything new. I LOVE dirtbiking and playing football and getting dirty. Yet at the same time im a dancer; mostly ballet but i do alot. Im free spirit who loves to make people laugh and treats people right. I wana find a good person who loves to have fun. anyone interested?!
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I dont no whats wrong with me. Posted on Sun, Sep 20, 2009 19:09
I mean, i think im pretty attractive, im nice and pretty fun and a cool person. But no1 seems interested in me. Idk maybe im ment to be by myself... Oh well, not complaining just curious as to why im always by myself :S
Hey im Alexi! Posted on Tue, Aug 11, 2009 11:29
Hey i want to get to no people! So i thought this is the best way, you can hit me up on this...or So whats up ladies?!
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Naomily18 Posted on Mon, Jul 27, 2009 20:16
Hit me up?