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  • how trully are we proud of being gay .. i mean look at the hetro pple out there they r proud of being hetro u can here each and every one of them say MY MAN MY WOMAN bla bla bla many off us can enter a room with complete strangers and in 20 min admitt that u gay and love women and ur girlfrend and u are taking a holiday next month?i wonder sometimes if thats our downfall and why the rest of the world wont accept us coz we jus wont come out to every one regardless.we let pple assumE.
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PROUD OF BIENG GAY Posted on Apr 11, 2011 at 06:42 AM
WHY let pple assume it shld be somethign we shld declare ..okok im nt saying scream it out and go saying hi my name is samantha and im im saying wen confronted with an opportunity like a conversation of our loved ones declare it say something like my girlfrend and i. nt my partner and i coz that leads to assumptions......anyway all im saying we need to be more open abt who we love wat we like and wat we r.