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  • Well today is my first day on this website, or any website like this. I am kind of a new lesbian, or you could say a new experiment. i am not really sure of my lesbianism but i do know that i like women. LOL that sounds so silly to me. but anyways right now i am not looking for anything sexual i am just someone i can conversatw with. someone who doesnt mind building a strong friendship.
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christ mas Posted on Jan 02, 2006 at 08:26 PM
man i have tears ion my eyes christmas was so beautiful i cant wait until it comes next year i hope maybe then i can get ehat i really wanted, well i guess iu cant complian it was better than last chrsitmas. well you never guess what i got last year some freaking pots and pans who wants that i cant even cook. lol well this year i really wanted a sidekickII from t mobile but i got a camcorder it was an ok trade off but not what i wanted well I am going to stop now because i sound really greedy. but over all i had a great christmas it was very beatiful
someone to club with Posted on Dec 09, 2005 at 05:00 PM
i am looking for someone in the louisville KY area i need someone to go clubbing with. i could also use some help finding some good lesbian clubs in the area. you can contact me for more.
Im done Posted on Dec 07, 2005 at 12:15 PM
im finally done whew i am so glad im done with all my classes for this year all i have to do next is take my finals. man i am so glad. oh and if anyone is interested or you live in the louisville KY area then you can contact me ok hope to talk to you soon
getting stressed Posted on Dec 02, 2005 at 10:13 PM
ok guys well actually girls. lol im going off into the goffy end of things. it late on a friday night and i am so tired, i have been up all day trying to make myself stop procratinating but i dont think its working. i have a 10 page paper due next week and i have started on it but i have no idea what its about. i am just writing stuff and hoping in the end it will all fit together. lol. well for anyone who has been following my oh so boring life i had a great thankgiving break, i went to my roommies house, and it was great made me very lazy, we left early and came back late, i so dont want to be here. i just failed a calculas test today and i have a psych test and psoter due next week. i havent even started on the poster. well let me see i did go to a play today it was called the whole sky, it was like a reality show it was ok i really liked the sign interpretation on the side best. ummm let me see i still dont know if im lesbian or not, i kind of dont want to be but i notice that i notice more things about girl than i do boys. maybe if i date a boy then i would finally get to know. i still have not had a lesbian experience yet, wait what am i talking about i havent had a strait experince yet, lol. well ok ill try ,y best to keep you updated this time for anyone who is reading this, other than that have a great day and good luck on your finals i know i need it.
how to veiw comments Posted on Nov 16, 2005 at 11:55 PM
ok by now i am beginning to believe i am as obsessed with this website as i am with face book. ok, everyone i need your help, this things machiger said i had a comment from my first blog but i cant for the world of me fin that comment anywhere. CAN ANYONE HELP ME. i am getting so frustrated. lol. computers the generation, she says sarcastically. oh and if you want to leave a comment trying to help me on this, please dont leave it as a comment, seeing as that is the problem i am having veiwing. It wouldnt be of much help. lol well thanks for listening, or reading whatever you call it.