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Blog title: Shutterbug/Nurse Lesbian seeks Professtional, Educated, Creative Sprite
Blog description: I am a 48 year old Lesbian who is both a Professional Hospice Nurse & Photographer. I enjoy rollerblading and walking & dining by the beach. I live with 2 cats whose care is my utmost concern. I also live with a roommate (strictly platonic) in a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apt in Long Beach, CA. I am extremely loyal, trustworthy and can keep a secret as long as it is not illegal, unethical or disloyal to my patients or their families. I would like to get back into Backpacking shape & return to Yosemite where I have shot alot of my photographs. I hope to someday move to Sedona, AZ and work with the Native American people, but that is a number of years off. Anyhow, write me, let's compare notes and hopefully connect!
My blog address: http://LDate.com/blog/JudeElf
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Shutterbug/Nurse seeks Professional Creative, Educated Sprit 54 Views 06/25/06
I am a 48 year old petite Lesbian living in Long Beach, CA. I value sharp wit & biting satire in a sense of humor. I enjoy rollerblading and walking and dining by the beach. I am a Hospice Nurse/photographer with a desire to do the greatest good for the greatest amount of people as is possible. I am compassionate, sensitive, extremely loyal and loving. I am trustworthy, discreet and know how to keep a secret as long as it is not unethical or illegal.I'm not perfect, but I do my best to be of service for all. I have two cats whose care is a primary concern in my life. I live with a roommate (strictl platonic) in an upstairs 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apt. I would love to meet new friends, but more importantly that special woman!! Write me please!
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