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Once again lost in the forest of failed relationships... Posted on Thu, Oct 15, 2009 00:00
well its official, now I've been dumped for every concievable reason, this time she told me that--and I quote--"our relationship is a contradiction to my religion and I can't lie to you anymore, I hope we can still be friends." could someone please just kill me now, SERIOUSLY if it weren't for me liking sex so much I'd go join a farking convent to avoid all the extreme dissapointments of having a social life! I hate being alone...everytime I think I have something real they either run out on me or decide that I'm just not good enough for them to brave the tidal wave of idiocy that assults me and all those like me on a daily basis in this backwater redneck state, as soon as I'm able I'm moving as far away as I possibly can. for such a beautiful place its full of some shitty people...then again I wouldn't have met the few people that make getting up in the morning worthwile...ah well thats enough of my anst-ridden ranting for now, peace and love Beth, the little werewolf <3
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The Werewolves' Ballad Posted on Wed, Apr 08, 2009 00:00
ushered in by the moonlight dancers in the halflight music on the breeze floating through the trees song swelling to the sky stars twinkle, dancing by we howl, voices all around branches sway with the sound wind in our fur, earth under-paw golden eyes filled with joy and awe answered by our kin near and far wolfsong echoes from canyon to sandbar as we run under the stars so bright we sing our souls to the night and when daylight dawns on the morrow we return to our lives of sorrow awaiting the full moon to appear and for the freedom we hold so dear
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Lost Posted on Wed, Apr 08, 2009 00:00
scared, forgotten- forsaken, alone... pursued by fate- trying to get away- running from darkness- you can't escape... you hide, you seek, unable to find- feeling so weak... hunting- confused you remain- falling- the crimson rain... revealed in your tears- terrified, you start to pace- your darkest fears- your heart's fearful place... lost in a sea of faces you see secret places- the truths that hide- deep inside... so you fight, kicking- screaming- searching for a meaning, and die. desperate to keep- beauty skin deep- you cling, you claw, no escaping- nature's law... life and death- a gamble you never win- always a final breath- the curtain falls, fin.
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The Hunt Posted on Wed, Apr 08, 2009 00:00
earth beneath my paws- wind in my fur- trees blur as I weave through them- scent of prey and fear in my nose- running- my brothers and sisters at my sides- tawny hide in my sight- antlers lashing out at right- my jaws snap-empty air- legs moving too fast- with sharp hooves striking my breathren- my hind legs bunch under me, I prepare to strike, I spring for the throat- taste of blood on my tongue- feeling the struggle as I'm tossed to and fro- my breathren join me- all is still for a moment... we feast on our reward, hunger sated, we look to the sky- we call our song to the heavens- the rest of our pack answers, we run again...
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(untitled) Posted on Wed, Apr 08, 2009 00:00
whispered words float on the breeze, with the petals dancing, as they fall from the tree... I hear the song we were singing, that night you broke me, can't hear anymore, I'm dying... I fall into my dreams, haunted by your voice, your face, and the sound of my screams... running, falling from grace, a moment of peace, amid moonbeams, a quiet night, in a dark place... cold and burning... scared and yearning... I cling to the memory despite how you hurt me... I felt safe, secure now I'm simply scared and unsure- pain is my reality cause by love's sweet gravity... I'm still enthralled by you not sure what to do- you pushed me away... and I died that day...
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Hurt and Alone... Posted on Mon, Apr 06, 2009 00:00
It's getting harder and harder to keep confidence in myself, everyone that ever said they'd be there for me is drifting away and everyone that ever said they love me has makes me wonder how many time I can break before I shatter and can't put myself back together again...
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