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Blog title: Romeo, Romeo, Where Art Tho Romeo
Blog description: i am called Boi but should b called Romeo. i love to pamper the right fem. i love to cook for her, run a bath for either us or just her. i will rub your feet,neck,back,where ever it hurts. i want to b the Boi that makes your heart race when you hear my voice. when we look into each others eyes all i wanna see is my Juliettes soul.i will carry you bag. i will carry you heart very carefully, i will sit patiently when ever i must.i will actually listen
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ROMEO, ROMEO Posted on Sun, Mar 07, 2010 00:00
i am a true believer n a fairy tail romance. i am Romeo. would love to sweep some lovely fem off her feet. i wanna float on the clouds with her.make her a bath and sit with her and truely listen. i want to b an active participant n a secrets, no battles, only love to grow and florish in a positive healthy relationship share the love n great energy and u will b amazed at the results. any thoughts on how to romance a woman.
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