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  • To be or not to be was never the question...I mean really. The question was more likely whether or not to do something about it....
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People tell me I just need to be with the right man Posted on Fri, Jul 24, 2009 16:46
Yep that will do it!!! NOT!!! Why is it that they think a penis will fix everything, it can't even hold a hammer. And what is it with all these dangling parts, just waiting for the cat to grab them...not that I have a cat, but I do have an imagination...nope I want a woman, soft, and sensual, doesn't matter if she's big or small, doesn't matter nationality, race, doesn't matter. What matters is the love, kindness, passion, romance. OMG kissing a woman is amazing...and touching her... nice
There is no question Posted on Mon, Jul 20, 2009 18:53
Coming out late in life is hard, and definately not a choice...I wish it was easy...I left my marriage 4 years ago...I wanted this ideal life...but that isn't what I got... How about you...any stories from the trenches.....