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Blog title: Random writings
Blog description: This is just a place for me to put up my random poems, rants, or short stories
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I wish, a poem Posted on Mon, Nov 02, 2009 08:37
This was written in about 5 minutes or so a few days ago, so I know it's not very good, but here goes anyway. I wish for a woman with radiant hair And skin so soft and fair. I wish for a woman with luminous eyes And a desire to watch the skies. I wish for a woman to hold close by To touch and kiss and sigh. How I miss a woman?s touch This, I miss so much. A warm embrace under the sun When the day is said and done. Those soft curves and tender strokes While the incense before us smokes. A languid sigh, a naked stretch, Caught forever in a sketch? But alas, she is not here The woman I wish to hold dear