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Blog title: anyone :(
Blog description: Hey I'm pretty lonely, so if anyone wants to chat email me and we can chat on gmail or anything else I have all the major messengers. I don't think anyone will, but just putting it out there... and I don't want to talk about dirty things so don't email me if thats all you want.
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on 11/24/10
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on 12/15/09
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on 12/02/09

Anyone in San Diego? 39 Views 08/18/09
Is there anyone in San Diego? 18-25ish. If so lets chat. I'm so freaking lonely! I can't stand it anymore.
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I'm tryin' to sleep, I lost count of sheep. 94 Views 07/30/09
So here I am, doing everything I can, holding onto what I am. Pretendin' I'm a superman. I'm tryin' to keep the ground on my feet, it seems the world's fallin' down around me. The nights are all long. I'm singin' this song to try and make the answers more than maybe.... and I'm so confused about what to do, that sometimes I want to throw it all away!
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Let's have a toast to the girl in aisle 10 82 Views 07/28/09
Don't know why I'm still afraid. If you weren't real I would make you up. I wish that I could follow through, I know that your love is true and deep as the sea. We're made out of blood and rust, looking for someone to trust without a fight.
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Anyone there? 73 Views 07/26/09
Hey, I'm here if anyone wants to chat... doubt it, just sayin lol
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