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Posted on Apr 17, 2009 at 11:00 AM

So I just moved back here to the Beach after living in West Virginia for about 10 months. I moved out right after I graduated and moved up there, but just a couple months ago I lost my job, and the economy is so sucky up there that there was NO jobs AT ALL. Grrr. So I moved back here, where the economy is bangin' due to tourist season. I was sooo relieved when I found a job. It was crazy. So now life is good, and I'm really happy. I still have lots of friends here... but I still feel lonely. I'm also having to learn to like sunshine. IT IS ALWAYS SUNNY HERE! And sandy, boy is there a lot of sand. Wow. I just got my first tattoo! It's on my inner thigh. I love it. My ex girlfriend is a tattoo artist, and she's dating my friend Sarah so I've been talking to her lately, so I got her to do this tattoo for next to nothing. It's great. It's little, but pretty. :) I spend a lot of time at the library. That's where I am RIGHT now. I have a bunch of books I'm checking out. One is about same sex marriage, one is about Buddhism, one is The Art OF Happiness by His Holiness The Dalai Lama, one is the Beautitudes.., a Jesus thing... and the last one is called On My Own, the art of being a woman alone. I'd say that's actually a pretty good portrait of what kind of person I am, the books I'm checking out. I'm the kind of girl who carries a knife and wears hiking boots or moccasins, and a pretty yellow tank top with her long blond hair. That's me.

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