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congrats to the "SAINTS" Posted on Feb 10, 2010 at 10:36 PM
I am so very happy for the New Orleans Saints I cant think of a more deserving team, I hope the residual effect will be that it pumps a lot of revenue back into their city, God knows they could use it. The Saints are my new favorite team and i'm not just jumping on the band-wagon I started rooting for them early all my friends laughed at me, and on game day they all went with the Colts, former Rams fan because I live in the LOU, but they get worse every year, we should have kept our quarterback, they thought he was washed up now he is down in Arizona kicking.
1 nice gal seeking same Posted on Jan 29, 2010 at 01:54 AM
with so many single women on this site how come we're all single and looking, and lonely. I am in the Soulard area of St. Louis Mo. isn't there one single woman out there that want to hang out, go listen to some music, catch a movie, talk over a glass of wine, take a chance i'm a pretty cool person to know, tired of sitting home alone, dont want to go hang out at the bars, I feel that once you hit 40 going to a bar alone sitting there sipping your drink and trying to act like your not looking is kinda lame, I personally think it makes you look desperate and sad, I never want to be reduced to that, plus i dont think my girl is going to be hanging at a bar.
Women Loving Women Posted on Jan 27, 2010 at 07:00 PM
Do you prefer that your partner look like you or the opposite of you, i'm curious why some fems choose to date each other as opposed to dating someone butch, some of the arguments are if I wanted someone that look like a man i'd just go get a man. I am a butch woman on the softer side,that only dates feminine women.
Just One Dollar Posted on Jan 19, 2010 at 07:35 PM
I live in St.Louis and all the restaurants are doing Dining out for Haiti, some business are giving as much as 100% off the sale of certain on their menus. Ladies Ladies what if we women on this site just donated $1, just one dollar, how great would that be, show some love, we could do this, we all have loose change laying around, get off the couch, flip those pillows over, look under your car seats, clean out your purses, check the pockets of that jacket you have'nt worn in a while, check the dirty laundry hamper, that's a good one it always works for me, involve the kids they always have change, just an idea it's not a bad one think about, thanks my sisters.
Haitian Relief Posted on Jan 19, 2010 at 04:44 PM
Just want to say how its a shame but it takes tragedy to loosen our wallets and hearts, I move myself to the front of that line. I grew up on a small impoverished island in the West Indies, you might have heard of it, Jamaica. I was taught from a small child Haitians were wicked, evil people, but in reality we feared them. Haitians are feared throughout the Caribbean as the people who practice the most powerful Obeah (obeya), magic, I have spent my whole life avoiding them even though I have'nt lived on my island in over 30yrs. Point is when I heard of the tragedy I temporarly forgot about my personal feelings I just thought OMG we have to help these people, the agony of the people brought me to tears. As i'm writing this i'm having flashbacks on another time a few years ago in our own backyard Naw Leens, still mad about that. I dont have a lot of money but the cable bill wont be paid this month, I have to do my small part and I appeal to anyone no matter how small please send something. I dont know any Haitians personally but if there are any on this site I am open to getting to know you, I am sure we have things in common, here's getting to know our brothers and sisters before we condemn.