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Posted on Jan 19, 2010 at 04:44 PM

Just want to say how its a shame but it takes tragedy to loosen our wallets and hearts, I move myself to the front of that line. I grew up on a small impoverished island in the West Indies, you might have heard of it, Jamaica. I was taught from a small child Haitians were wicked, evil people, but in reality we feared them. Haitians are feared throughout the Caribbean as the people who practice the most powerful Obeah (obeya),voodoo....black magic, I have spent my whole life avoiding them even though I have'nt lived on my island in over 30yrs. Point is when I heard of the tragedy I temporarly forgot about my personal feelings I just thought OMG we have to help these people, the agony of the people brought me to tears. As i'm writing this i'm having flashbacks on another time a few years ago in our own backyard Naw Leens, still mad about that. I dont have a lot of money but the cable bill wont be paid this month, I have to do my small part and I appeal to anyone no matter how small please send something. I dont know any Haitians personally but if there are any on this site I am open to getting to know you, I am sure we have things in common, here's getting to know our brothers and sisters before we condemn.

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