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Blog title: friends---------> Dating
Blog description: How can I meet new people?
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Friends -----> Dating Posted on Tue, Nov 10, 2009 00:00
So I find myself at home night after night searching through several dating sites. I am not in search of "the one" I am simply seeking friends. People enjoy being pen pals but never want to do anything. Do I have to ask these girls out on "dates" just to hang out as "friends". I look for people with similar situations, like new in town, I am new in town too! You would think two new people would easily become friends. Wrong! I have been back in NY 5 weeks now and still no friends :( I have a theory that the best relationships stem from friendships. I think getting to know somebody without the feeling of lust polluting your mind is the best way to go about it. SO if anyone out there wants to be my "friend" with endless possibilities to come let me know. I look forward to comments or ideas of how to meet new people