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Blog title: Straight girls
Blog description: Why am I always attracted to straight woman
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Why am I always attracted to straight women Posted on Mon, Jun 09, 2008 13:40
There is this HOTT nurse i work with.I've had this crush on her for like three years,but I hardly have had the chance to really talk to her.Well everytime I try my words come out all wrong.I don't usually get all fumbled up when I speak to people, just Her..My stomach is just in knotts..Anyway I figured she must be straight because I really, very much like her and she is very nice,but i Don't know her that well..How do I tell..some people are to hard to read.And well where i work you can't just ask or act like you got a big fat lezbo crush on someone ..Not that I don't think that thought may have crossed her mind because i get all retarted when i do see her.I feel like a big DORK!! and that's not really my style..SO can anyone help me figure out the signs.What can I do or say to her without making even more of an ass out of myself?? pls help!!