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If you need me Posted on Oct 10, 2008 at 12:00 PM
If you need to reach me, you can reply to post. I am just writing this because sometimes "winks" just don't have what you want to say. So this could be better to let me know other than the listed winks that are available.
Amor de Internet Posted on Sep 05, 2008 at 03:08 PM
Cada noche tenemos una cita, una cita de amor entre ella y yo ella me dice que me necesita, que soy la due??a de su corazon cada noche navegamos varias horas, algunas veces hasta el amanecer me confieza lo mucho que me adora y que nunca va a dejarme de querer que lastima que por internet mis manos no puedan tocarla, que no pueda sentirle la piel, que no la pueda besar, ni abrazar que lastima que por internet mis ojos no puedan mirarla que lastima que por internet solamente podamos chatear que lastima que no pueda darle un beso en la boca y ver caer la sensual lluvia de su ropa -SdR
Flirting Posted on Aug 09, 2008 at 10:58 PM
Flirting is so much fun and yet how many of us really get it right? Flirting is a lot more than just a bit of fun which leaves an undeniable sweet memory, laced with its freshness, romance, spell and verve. Flirting is perhaps the ancient instinct of human nature and is the very elementary base in impressing and surprising that special someone with its sheer passion and luster. Like all other human activities flirting is typically administered by a set of unrecorded laws of etiquette which dictates the mind whilst analyzing when, where, how and with whom to flirt. Healthy flirting teamed with subtleness finesse is socially acceptable and is definitely the very first step of a matured relationship. Depending upon the intensity flirting has three stages. Whilst the first stage is purely unintentional and can occur amidst normal conversation without the intention of impressing the other person, the second stage of flirting is definitely an intentional subtle effort to impress that special someone. The third stage of flirting is however an effort of impressing the other person with a series of purely planned, carefully designed and intended behavior where the flirt goes out of her way to impress someone. Flirting is a typical mind game of impressing the other person whilst employing your best tact and innate qualities for a cherished memory. It is indeed the art of saying a lot with less or no words to draw that special someone more close with the wink of an eye, with the flush of the cheek, with those parted lips and suggestive smiles. You certainly don't need to be the paragon of beauty to drive her crazy for you. Flirting is important to plan out a relationship, however it is just winning half the battle. The most important part of the act is to understand the flirting signals of the other person to ensure her interest. Being a good flirt requires apt flirting advice as it is the art of doing the right things at the right moment and oh yes most importantly with the right person. Flirting is fun but again it is difficult because there is a very slim line between being a successful flirt and being boring and crashing. Appropriate flirting advice makes the flirting a real enjoyable game whilst unfolding its passion subtly and significantly. Flirting advice 1: Choice of words is very important in flirting and to take the pleasure of the game try to avoid being rude. The best flirting advice is not to make obvious or nasty sexual remark. Flirting advice 2: Do not be an intruder. Understand the person's interest for you first and then strike up a conversation. The most effective flirting advice here is to be attentive towards their body language to decode their emotion. Flirting advice 3: The apt technique of Flirting should make your target feel wanted. Try to entertain her very subtly and do not turn out to be a funny entertainer. Flirting advice 4: The age old flirting advice is to keep your flirting intention and your flirting signs subtle. Don't make it too obvious that you are actually flirting with her. "Flirtation is like the slime on water-plants, making them hard to handle, and when caught, only to be cherished in slimy waters" - flirting is indeed an art of saying a lot with your smile, with your eyes and with your soft whisper. It is indeed the very initial stride to carry the relationship to a more matured level. Flirting is fun and is best enjoyed when done tactfully. You really don't have to be like Richard Gere or Elizabeth Taylor to make the girls go gaga for you. All that you need is your innate tact and few flirting techniques to make the best use of your posture, eyes and hands to impress your special somebody quite easily. Use the best flirting techniques to electrify her and then enjoy the passion of the game. Flirtation is the mind game to draw the attention without intention and is the very first step towards maturity. Know the correct flirting technique to send the apt signal which will suit almost any and every setting be it the coffee shop or the workplace, or the party zone or the club. Flirting technique 1: Eyes can say a lot and is an important element in flirting. Lock your eyes with the other person's for a time frame of 6 to 7 seconds and then slowly drop the gaze. Slowing down before dropping the gaze is an important flirting technique to express that "come hither" emotion. Flirting technique 2: Everybody loves a smiling face. Smile is the best way to express the openness and is an effective flirting technique to make you more attractive and approachable. Patti Wood, who happens to be an eminent body language expert, has quite ideally said that "the smile is the international signal of friendliness". Remember this and take it as an effective flirting technique to draw her closer without much effort. Flirting technique 3: One of the most victorious flirting techniques for a woman is to expose her neck a bit. Be it with the rhythm of the head tilt or be it with tempo of the classic hair flip, the very asymmetrical position of the white neck is sure to kill your special someone. The stylized gesture of intense eye contact, the pulse of casual touches, the suggestive smiles coupled with the batting of the lashes, footsies etc. are the way of flirting to express those sweet nothings in the most elegant way. All that you need are the right attitude, apt tact and adequate flirting advice to make her "feel" for you.
Laugh in your Love Life Posted on Aug 04, 2008 at 01:18 PM
Laughter is really important in a woman's life. Women love to laugh and will do anything to have some fun one or the other way. Laughter is the key to attract them. Laughter is the number one key component in a successful relationship. Laughter is a psychological effect of humor. When you laugh, changes occur in various parts of your body; in your brain, in your heart and stomach and even in your legs and arms. That is a time when your defenses are down and you become more receptive and sensitive to everything. When you make a woman laugh, apart from feeling good yourself, you give the impression that you are a sociable, attractive, humorous human being. No woman wants someone who is boring and serious all the time. The technique of making women laugh is so effective that it can change your entire life. You can start by laughing at bad situations or by laughing at simple things and even at yourself. By time you will realize that the women you talk with will laugh with you. That will boost your self-confidence to top levels and soon you will become a woman magnet. It's up to you. Laugh using all your senses. Listen to the sounds of your laughter. Feel the emotion. Everybody smiles every now and then. Do not just smile. Instead try to laugh as loud as possible. Turn your smile into laughter. You will eventually build a magnetism that will reflect to your great personality. You will notice that the women around you will start having a positive opinion about you.
Help Me Understand Posted on Jul 30, 2008 at 07:10 PM
This is just a little something by Trace Adkins; a little something I am feeling at the moment. Help Me Understand by Trace Adkins Once in a lifetime You'll open up your heart Maybe once in your lifetime You'll swear to never be apart You think your love's on solid ground Then out of the blue, it all comes tumblin' down Who's gonna hold me tonight When I'm feeling lonely Who's gonna show me the light 'Cause I need to know With all the things we've go How can love just stop Tell Me Somebody help me understand And my picture in your locket What will you do with it now All our friends and all our memories Tell me how we sort them out What's yours is yours What's mine is mine Is that all that's left After all this time Who's gonna hold me tonight When I'm feeling lonely Who's gonna show me the light 'Cause I need to know With all the things we've go How can love just stop Tell Me Somebody help me understand Help me understand Why I'm not part of our plan And you don't need me anymore Help me understand Why I still wanna be where you are Even though I know in my hear You don't love me anymore Who's gonna hold me tonight When I'm feeling lonely Who's gonna show me the light 'Cause I need to know With all the things we've go How can love just stop Tell Me Somebody help me understand
Why did it have to be you? Posted on Jul 14, 2008 at 11:16 PM
Why did it have to be you? You who are so far away from me, who I came to love, only to fall suffering. Why did it have to be you? The truth I can not explain; I hold you here in my heart, even though I do not exist to you. You are so far away and you will not care to see me, but my heart is hooked, loving you in silence and killing me. Why did it have to be you? You woke these strong feelings, but only to kill them slowly; you do not know what I would give up for you. Why did it have to be you? You do not know how it hurts to keep this secret, because you know my love is no coward, but you simply are not for me. Why did it have to be you?
Circles Posted on Jun 17, 2008 at 10:07 PM
"They say love hides behind every corner....I must be going around in circles." "Love is like a bar of soap....just when you grab it, it slips away." How come when we find that right woman, turns out she was the right one for someone else? I mean I don't mind helping her be happy, but how I wish that happiness would also come to me. I have patience and know I will be awarded in the end, but I don't want to be rewarded in the end. I want to be rewarded now so that in the end, I can say I lived life to its fullest with my girl.
Question to all of you Posted on Jun 10, 2008 at 08:55 AM
So I have a question to ask all of you. I could be your whole world. Anything, but you might not believe me, you know, because you have heard it so many times from your significant other or ex. The reason I am writing about this, is because I have done just that and my heart was broken every single time. Just like there can be nice guys, will a nice girl like me, who can give anything in their power to satisfy our significant other, always finish last?