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Hello from Canada and the story of my first love! Posted on Thu, Mar 09, 2006 13:30
Hi grls, I have noticed that there is not a lot going on in here. Is this because this is new...first time I saw it. By some of the titles I sure would like to read some of Eyecandi's postings but she won't let me :( I am from Sault Ste Marie ,Ontario Canada. Right at the tip of the american boarder. I used to do a lot of travelling to the UP showing horses but that was so long ago. I like to do day trips down into Michigan and I always go via Michigan when I go to southern Ontario as the I75 is a much better hiway and it cuts a good 5 to 6 hours out of my trip. I am a 46 yr old caucasion 100% lesbian and have been since age 29 when I fell in love with my college Proff. I went back to college as a mature student and the moment I laid eyes on her I was gone!!! Had all these feelings that I had never noticed before..well not as shocking as that. I was in a 2 yr program and it became obvious to me that she had the same feelings for me as I had for her.We would steel any moment we could to be alone together to chat and lightly flirt. Then because we both had the same interest in horses I used to farm sit for her when she went on horse shows. As time went on and close to graduation she asked me if I wanted to spend the weekend with her and watch movies and go horseback riding. I was in heaven and I think she was to. So after a long day of riding the 20 some acres of trails and pine groves. We had dinner and then watched the movie "Desert Hearts". Well when those two womyn kissed in the pouring rain I could actually feel that kiss and it took my breath away!!! After the movie ended I was offered a back massage which I just could not refuse. Soon into the massage I turned my head to whisper something to her and as she bent to hear what I was saying I kissed her! OMG I so shy and quiet had kissed a womyn! Well the rest of the night was simply heaven except I must point out that at one point when I was going down on her my thoughts quickly went to ..."What if I don't like this or what do I do???" Let me tell you there should never wave been a hesitation. It was pure love and indulgement to be that close and with one with the womyn whom I had fallen totally in love with. The rest of the night was more and more of the same love making all night long. I was worried was this it would this continue or was this just something that was only going to happen that one time. Well we talked in the morning and we were each other's first lesbian relationship and we were totally in love!!! Next came graduation just a week later. Then I had my two boys at the time ages 4 and 10 and we moved lock stock and barrel into Jaye's farm. There was plenty of room for all as you see Jaye had had a room mate who was also a college Proff and everyone always thought they were a couple but they were not. Bev was very welcoming to me and the boys and Jaye and the boys and I were together for 8 wonderful years!
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