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Posted on Mon, Sep 11, 2006 12:27 AM

I am looking for ladies in Albany,Corvallis or Lebanon who would like to meet another gay woman from LA who is feeling very isolated from the gay community here in Oregon. I am here finishing up my BS degree in microbiology. But I have no social contacts due to the homophobic tendancies of the area. So if there are any gay women out there please e-mail me. I need friends and hopefully a lover but that is quite impossible without social contacts. My social lifes' short coming probably is my fault but working on a degree in micro takes most of your time,money and energy. But being a senior now prepairing for med school I feel the need and have the time to socialize some.Enough of my babbling but I hope this gives a glimpse of whats' up with me. So ladies please e-mail.

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