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  • Ok so i jus got on here and there is no live Cum on ladies...let's make dis s%&@ live(guess we can't curse)!!! No bs...I'm tryna meet, greet, tlk, chat...wit any1...but preferablly(spell check dat) in da dmv area...sumbody...agree or disagree...?
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curiousity killed her own cat!!! lol... Posted on Apr 01, 2011 at 06:20 AM
So dis part two of my 1st blog...mixed feelings at wrk or yea we still koo. I think she took more like me askn if she was dat way cuz i really didnt knw wat to say. Got cold feet and dats y i said i didn't knw where to!!! But sum ppl feel she jus a lil scared or maybe she isn't dat way...i beg to differ...i think she frontin...lls! Wat y'all think? Hit me up...later ladiez...
AT WRK MIXED SIGNALS... Posted on Apr 01, 2011 at 04:28 AM
Ok its dis asian chick, sexy as hell...a lil on da ditzy side but i can fixed!!! Anyways 1 of my other cowrkrs knw bout it and so i decided to txt the b4 there had been previous convo bout my lil situations involvin kitties but jus to get a feel jus to see if she like to purrrr...feel me?... so long story short all i txtd was....idk where to start...dats it!!! And dats on errythang, shawty freakd out a lil bit. Jus a lil bit...she was like "OMG...I AM STRAIT...I LIKE GUYS....I HAVE A BF...Y WOULD I THINK LIKE DAT...IM CRAZIE...IMA RETARD..." lol....i was laughn cuz i didn't really say much...she jumped out there. Wat y'all think? View pt two of dis blog...brb!!!