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Sweet thing called Migraine! Posted on Apr 25, 2011 at 03:04 AM
It hasn't been this bad until the last 2 years! AM I GETTING OLD! IS THIS WHAT IT FEELS TO BE OLDER! lol Besides all the common symptoms such as feeling sick, close to vomiting, or sensitivity to light and a terrible headache; it makes me cranky! I get mad so easy and quickly everytime I got migraine! So I shut myself into the bedroom, close curtains and lights; just try to sleep in a dark quiet room. Oh and for some weird reason coffee helps!
How does it go? Posted on Dec 26, 2010 at 08:43 AM
Sorry for being unexperienced and totally clueless about this but I gotta ask you guys, since I have no one else to ask (exp. my cousin and my clearly canadian angel em :) : How do we find each other? As in how do we find someone to date to chat close to our area? Yes I heard you say; "DUH this site is a solution!!" So is the internet the only way? Or do I need to find social places where lesbians and bi's hang out? Despite not liking any bars and discos. I find it so hard to find someone like me in Istanbul! Maybe because people like us have to hide in shadows unable to come out, just like me. It really annoys me. Hmm maybe I need to step up and come out soon. To set an example.
Why women over men; so many obvious reasons! Posted on Dec 05, 2009 at 01:28 AM
I wonder why we choose women over men, other then being a lesbian/bisexual hormonal thing. I prefer women because; - They are emotional and value emotions. - They understand you and feel you - physically more attractive - hard to figure,complex, like a maze. Need effort to figure out (lol unlike men, too easy to figure) - every single one of them is different and amazing - loving and caring - sharing ok we rock now dont we lol. So many logical reasons on why I find women more attractive!! I wonder what you think, what are your reasons?
A newbie, looking for friends Posted on Nov 26, 2009 at 01:01 PM
Unlike some people here I still have not come out about my sexual preferences. I amaze myself really, cause at some points I feel straight but on the outside (who is fooling who?); work, friends, family, etc. I act normal, very feminine and get along with men so well. The problem begins around women I like, thank god I only have one for now (my closest ex-friend, she practically ran for her life after realizing I had feelings for her, more then just friendship). The lowest thing a person could do is fall in love with a friend! So lame of me, she saw me as a friend and I completely fell for her. guilty conscience!! I don?t think I can come out ever, since I don?t live in a community that goes well with gays,bis, lesbians, etc. Just because of this fact I don?t have any friends who share the same feelings and preferences. Feels like I?m at a point where I need guidance and experienced friends to help me get through this phase of life. So here I am, hello friends.