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Blog title: in love w/ a girl who doesn't want me :(
Blog description: hey ladies, i need to ask you all about a problem i recently ran into and seem to be unable to get out. i met this fantastic girl who seemed to be very interested in me. how do i know that? well she kept checking me out whenever she got a chance. so i started liking her without even knowing whether she's a lesbian or not but deep dwon i always knew she's straight. i mean she's all girly and feminine with his beautiful girly glow around her.
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i like a woman who doesn't like me back and is taken :( Posted on Sat, Dec 18, 2010 21:12
anyways, i told her how i wanna be friends with her and she turned me down. she said she's too busy to have new friends, besides she's already in a relationship. i told her that i had a crush on her but she didn't say anything. i tried to find out why she was always checking me out and everything but she never said anything. it seems impossible for me to go on like his and feel like i can die any minute w/o her. she was always looking at me like i'm the only one in the room but as i tried to talk to her i always got the draw back. life is meaningless w/o her for me. oh, by the way she never said anything whether she's involved with a man or woman but i mean i assume it's a man because she just doesn't look me out ladies...tell me what to do...thx a bunch.