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Posted on May 17, 2006 at 02:43 PM

A lonely place under a sun burnished sky, just us,no one to peep and pry. You my love, gently teasing me as I walked bare breasted, proud and free. That rocky pool, cool and deep, the remains of our discarded clothes in tangled heaps, the place echoing to our girlish shrieks. Iremember you, emerging from that pool like some venus from the sea, mylove for you was so that it almost hurt, my head swam, I was giddy. Water droplets, glistening like tiny jewels in that soft, downy triangle, they sparkled from every angle. Passion burned, an all consuming fire, we were overwhelmed with our desire. Our bodies locked together in frenzied fever, we where one, you and me, my lover Limbs entwined, tongues, fingers, seeking, probing, tasting, devouring. Ah such sweet ecstasy, pulsing, rising, rippling, that cosmic exploding. oh yes, and after the storm, that stillness, that warm, soporific afterglow, our bodies cooling, our hearts as one as only lovers can know,

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