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Blog title: This hurts!!!
Blog description: I had to end a relationship because I was/am in love with another woman, were only friends and she's deffo straight! She dosent know I have feelings for her, and I don't intend on telling her! Why do these feelings grow!? I just wish I could tell her...
My blog address: http://LDate.com/blog/katiejones
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still hard! 145 Views 08/22/10
Ok, all that fuss of keeping my sexualtiy a secret, Now I'm out, there's still issues! Ok, I'm out and its easier to say, But where the heck are all the good women? I guess this site doesn't help as I don't want to pay to be a member! LOL But its aight I guess! What's the deal? Why's it so hard to find some one?
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not been on here in a while... 73 Views 08/18/10
So every things going good, I moved back, the relationship didn't pan out the way I wanted but never mind, was fun while it lasted, so happy to be back home! still single tho! That sucks, but I guess keeps the fun going! Where are you mrs right??? Haha! <3
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I did it... 148 Views 06/16/10
Well! I guess you were all right, its easier than you think! I came out like maybe just short of a month ago, And I love it! Altho I still haven't told my friend I'm crazy about her, but I'm moving on so she doesn't need to know, Iv kinda got some one now too, nothings official! But things are looking good, I'm even moving back to my home town for her! Any ways... Chow! =) x.o
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how do you connect?! 153 Views 05/04/10
Hey ladies! I'm looking for some one in the uk, Some one who wants to share some love, I recon I'm pretty damn good, don't mean to be big headed but I know how to treat you the way every princess should be treat?! I love taking care of people, And showing them how beautiful they really are!! I just love, loving on people!! Xx
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how hard could this be?! 302 Views 04/16/10
So, I'm strugling to come out!! Therefor I can't find my perfect match because no one knows!! I was in a relationship with a guy, but I hadf to end it because I'm in love with my friend! There's no way of being with her and no way I could even tell her I hacve feelings for her, but I'd love it if I could just come out and finally move on in life, it causes so much hassle keeping things secret, it was fun at first but now I'm bored and want to settle down!
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