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Blog title: New to this
Blog description: My realization of being a lesbian
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My "Coming Out" Posted on Sun, Apr 26, 2009 00:00
It wasn't so much my coming out as it was just an epiphany. So I'm new to the whole lesbian thing. Well not really. I'm just new to actually saying that I am a lesbian. I've always liked girls and I've kissed a few. I think last night is what made me realize how gay I actually am. I was at my friend's boyfriend's house and he wanted me and his girlfriend to kiss [She and I had slept together before]. Anyways I ended up doing her on the couch in front of her boyfriend. Afterwards I kept smiling and acting very cheery. I was like that the last time I slept with her too. I was never like that after I slept with a guy. So I realized, "wow, I am so gay." But I don't just want this causality thing anymore. I want a girl who actually likes girls and doesn't run back to guys when she's done fooling around. I'm tired of hooking up with girls and then they act like bitches afterwards because they realize they're more straight than gay. I've never had a girlfriend, only random hook-ups and I'm a bit tired of the same thing. Sex with girls is great, but I also have feelings too, girls, so come on... I guess I'll just give it time.