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  • Looking for someone adorkable, like me! ;)
  • Hi Ladies, I'm not really sure how these work- so I'll pretty much say the same thing that was in my blog before in hopes that the most recently posted one gets some views :] I'm looking for someone I can be dorky with. Someone I can roll around under the covers with and give eskimo kisses to. Someone who can party all night, but also spend the evening in cuddling and being cute. I want love and lust. Passion and romance. I know what I want, and hopefully I'll be what someone else wants too...
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What I'm Looking for =] Posted on Jul 08, 2009 at 12:35 PM
A cute, playful girl who loves to smile and have fun. Someone who can stay in and cuddle just as easily as going out partying all night. I want to giggle and roll around in bed being silly. I want passionate kisses and long nights. Most of all though, I just want someone who I can be my dorky self with, and who is willing to be dorky with me. Bliss. Physically, (these are just preferences, NOT requirements!): Fav Eye color: Brown Fav Hair Color: Brunette Short/Long Hair: Doesn't matter Looks/Personality: Personality is important, but I gotta admit that at least SOME sexual attraction is necessary. Hot/Cute: I prefer cute, dorky girls =] Muscular/Skinny: Super skinny is sexy. **Ladies, I don't have a gold membership,Sorry everyone, but when you comment me with your numbers, I can't view them! :( Thanks for reading everybody, and good luck in your search! xo Nikki