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  • Hello, some of you all who have been on this site for a while will remember me I am one. Well, I am happy to say thru this site here I have found someone who I can love very much, we met here,and I am crazy for this girl. I guess it took me 3 months of searching before I found the one, and met several friends I hope to keep forever. Love can be found here if you look and search there is someone for everyone..even no one found someone
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what happend here? Posted on Apr 16, 2013 at 03:33 PM

As I come back here to LDate over and over 4 years now, I have had some of the best times here meeting really good friends and i met my very first gay love affair hereand was hopeing maybe I might meet my second here but it looks like noone is home here any more, I know all the gay and lesbians are not all happily ina relationship so where is everyone going now for love I was so happy here, is anyone finding anyone here just tell me!!!!




Wishing and hoping for someone to come my way Posted on Feb 28, 2013 at 11:27 AM

Where in the world are all the gay women in Tennessee aren't you looking for someone also?  I work this page everday searching for the person I am suppose to find.  She is here, maybe not in Tn. it may by Ky or GA or Vancouver(hoped I spelled that right Em) but I am looking for her I want a fem maybe lite butch but I like her in a womens clothes not wearing mens clothes ever single day for fun for confort around the place but I love women not men therefor I want a women, I will tell you a secret i learned from my last relationship, you take a soft butch out of her clothes, shes a fine looking woman to me(and I do miss my last relationship however life and times changes what people want. I have no bills, everything i have is lpaid for and all I need is someone to share life with.  We have lots of trees infact we are kinda in the woods with just the sound of nature untill i turn the music up really loud (Love Pink will be seeing her this Sat if the snows not too bad) will keep the ticket anyway...shes is also in my heart and I KNOW HER MUSIC VERY WELL so if I can learn Pink while shes flying every where Atl Ga Fri, then we can get to know each other whos going to put me to the test...I'll be nice

The walking dead Posted on Feb 24, 2013 at 05:28 PM


It's a good day Posted on Feb 21, 2013 at 07:03 AM

It's a good day when you can get up and have all the time you need to do as you choose after you have retired.  There are just no limints to what you can get into. I Have so many jobs that need doing here at home and I work on them every day however they aren't making me happy at night or when i want to havve a meal or go shopping.. The point is nothing in life i really fun when you are alone.  I live in a recreatioal com with 2000 acres and 7 lakes and pool clubhouse and a gated for fsafty, the reason I am bringing this up is how about a ldate camping memorial weekend here 50 miles from Nashville Tn and we could paint the honky tonks don't usuallly go thereunless have company out of town. I have rv cabin and about 4 tents but like to just flop like a bunch of puppies for confort.  If you are interested in joining comment back.  Lots of chicks to meet good food and we have a few strange things growing in them there woods which will make u laugh your head off (guess you need to be from the 60s to get it) but we have bathing everywhere and I really need the fun so girls whos for camping or who will stay at days inn?

never say never Posted on Jan 10, 2013 at 05:54 PM

ok so i am brave enough to leave the nasty remarks on my blog, i have been wrong sometimes and have to face that everyone doesent bring out the best in me. I am here because i have a few friends still here and want to keep touch.....Em that you...also here cause I am not going to give up on finding someone who is real,truthful and yes,above all no smokers....that and drinking was the down fall of my last relationship but before you judge me I gave it almost three years listening to how things were going to change,I'll do better this time.  I still feel for my friend but its over and we have moved on.  I have to much time on my hands and should fill my time with fun and gladness so I AM STILL HERE TRY ME BEFORE YOU PASS ME BY.At my age its a tuff world to be judged just for one failed relationship. I have alot to gove and am ready to begin the search for my right match are you the one that will just get to know me and not want to move the second day? I have real hope that your here on this site as it is the only site I go to I stick to were I feel lucky even if the past didnt work never are we lucky enough to get it right the first time and I wouldnt give up the past time we shared and will hope it close ladies how about any takers? I am in centerville,TN 50 miles south of Nashville and will to treat you with respect given the oppertunity sorry for th spelling good luch to us all

be careful what you ask for Posted on Jul 30, 2011 at 12:06 PM
Well, ladies its been about a year and a half since I logged in still in a relationship with a friend from l date, believe me its been a year from hell we all get excited when we think we have found someone then before you know it it turns to shit because I DIDN'T TAKE THE TIME I SHOULD HAVE we don't connect and i don't feel any closer than I did back then, don't ask me what happen i don't have an excuse guess I am just dum....when I found out she didn't wear womens clothes i was devestated....I got another man just wahat I didn't want. I hope you will think before you jump
whoops I did it again!!! Posted on Jul 08, 2010 at 12:27 AM
You know I think there are times I may be waisting your time and mine. I thought i had thought things thru and knew what I wanted now I got a great girl whos going to have a broken heart cause we aren't clicking and its all my fault. I was so in a hurry to find someone to love I just jumped in head first and well it doen't seem much different than with a man (dang it) too many unspoken words I thought one way shes thinking another..We are all lesbians but we are all so different..I didn't know what all the terms ment and I was just looking for someone to love..I was looking for femme and I got soft butch and she won't wear womens stuff, got her a real diamond ring and she don't wear diamonds..this site isn't a game I for one am looking for a life partner and I FAILED TO DO THE REASURCH and looks like we both may get hurt here. I can't be the first one to fail at first try for love but I'm not into hurting someone I was wanting to love, I may have a few mood swings which isn't her fault but she is left with scilence when we don't connect..frankly she doesn''t have any idea how to please me and just doesn't listen...i know its not all about me but 50 percent is I won't lie and say it's all good when it's not.I know loving a woman is what I want but maybe not full time to start with. To my mate I am sorry for hurting you and shutting you out..does this make me unfit to keep looking or should I give up in order not to hurt someone else? Nothing is ever perfect but my heart says try looking for a femme who doesn't do ciggs and doesn't drink every single day and who is willing to go slow and not think we are married the first date...are you out there?
look whos looking Posted on Jun 11, 2010 at 10:53 AM
Wow, I have been comming to LDate for about a year and I can say I have seen alot of faces but I can also say there are too many of you ladies who are not posting your pictures. How can you expect to find someone without posting a picture? I will tell you I am not a pretty girl at all but I was brave and put me out there anyway and I found the girl of my dreams here. Everyone isn't beautiful but we still have an inner beauty that can be seen by looking into your eyes or a smile that says I want to be friends but I am scared of regection. Don't be scared, we are all looking for someone to love and to care about us and for us to care about them. I am here to tell you this is the place to find that someone. You have to work it daily and keep up with what and who is comming into the group because I have been comming here for so long I can say people don't stay here very long, you give up and think noone will want you which is not the truth. Get real unless your playing games and put your face out there, just like me you are pretter than you think and someone will connect with you.
Thanks for your help Posted on Jun 03, 2010 at 08:47 PM
I would like to thank each and everyone of you who took the time and left me a comment on my friend and lover smoking. I got some positive ideas and some told me as they saw it as a way to control the relationship...I have given each days of thought and I will go on contuning with this relationship.. we agreed it would be for better or worse and i will stick to that, it will be hard to see my loveone decline before my eyes and I will keep a part of the wall upso when the time comes it won't hurt so bad. this was my first love that has gone to this point and i would miss her to much to let her go, but I know I will only get part of what we could have had. I would do anything to save the one I love to bad her love isn't the same as mine, I really feel close to all of the people on ldate and you all are my friend even if we never talk, we have each shared the empty feelings of lonleyness the search for our special love and a few really lucky ones find there love. I did and I will try to keep it going. I am not ready to give up this site for you see I need your friendship and someone to share all the good and the bad, I have learned alot thru the process of daiting women and I better understand what my wants and needs are in the last e6 months i have been here, I'm not leaving so look for me and hope for the best for all of us. The laughter and all the best friends will get me thru......what ever.....thanks each of you and may you also find your love here.
can someone help me Posted on May 19, 2010 at 07:01 AM
I have made several really good friends here on ldate and i feel that I may have met the woman of my dreams hear, I have bosted on how happy we are and this being my first relationship living with a woman feel that there still is a lot to learn....the problem is that she is a heavy smoker over a pack a day and gets up thru the night to smoke then comes back to bed smelling like an ashtray. Before we do anything she has to go out and smoke a cigg which means I am feeling walked out on 24 plus times a day.We talked about my ashma before we started living together and she said with everything new going on she was just smoking more than usual and she would cut back. I have lost 3 loves to ciggeretts and she is sounding very congested coughing and barking up stuff which is begining to make me love her less. I feel the smokes are more important than me. My house is begining to stink and my clothes smell the others. We have only been living together three months. I guess i am selfserving and I want her not to smoke but you see how for my request has gone. She knows i am very unhappy with all this but without much change. someone must have been in the spot by now and I would love to know how to go about making a change without giving up our relationship. She is feeling like I am going to throw her out and I am feeling like I want to leave home. Is this just one of the problems in both male and female relationships. Please help me with some suggestions to try and make this work. Don't tell me we aren't compatable out love is really wonderful and I just don't want to sit and watch another lover die from smoking.. If you are a smoker in a relationship like this please give me a clue to help me thru this love comes but once like ours and I don;t want to loose what I have. I am feeling like its going to kill her or me from the smoking and I just can't go on. You ladies I really want your imput on this could you be doing the same thing to your lover and the same results are happining,Am I selfish or am I trying to save her life...I know some things are not left up to me and I don't want to play God, I just want my relationship to last with her, any help might save our love for each other ....please advise...I do not want to go back to being...plentyofnoone
nooones update Posted on Mar 03, 2010 at 07:12 AM
Hey al you hot chicks out there, I hope like is treating you as good as it is treating me. My girl I met here on LDATE is the hottest most beautiful thing I have ever seen, we have been living together for four days now and it has been total bliss, I am cooking cleaning loving and did i say loving and oh my it is way I have been praying for years, please keeep looking for your mate and don't stop till you find her, life is so wonderful when you have someone who is giving you love and all the love you can handel. We are over 50 but we feel like we are in out 20s, our passion is red hot and for me to know some of you are to scared to go get yours. It had been since 1981 since I had been with a woman and how loved and fullfilled I am this morning. Thank you God and the stars above for letting me find my true love Penny, she was here on LDATE but not looking any more she loves me and we will make it, be happy for us and I will be happy for you when you find your special love.
I have been blessed Posted on Feb 19, 2010 at 03:17 PM
Well, ladies if you have been with LDAte for a few months or so you may have read my blogs and remember me as nooone,well, not any more! I am so happy to tell you all that I have found love here on LDate and it is a love like I have never known before and I am 56. I read the search and the blogs daily and took my time but i found the most wouderful person in the whole world, we talked a month or so and this past week we met for the first time, it was unbelivible the connection was there for both of us and remember I feltlike no one, and the chance someone would love me was like a snowball you know where, but i am here to tell you if you work this site and look into the profiles and not just the pretty face, my girl does have a pretty face and a killer body. I love her more than anything and we are making plans of a life commentment. YOU WILL FIND LOVE HERE if you try. Thank you to who ever set up the site after so many years alone I never thought I would be feeling the things i am feeling again. I am the happest girl and my girl loves me alot and treats me better than any man could dare to dream. YOU go for it and you find your love here she is looking for you now today give it your best shot and don't be scared that you may be turned down,thats what super glue is for.. Good luck to you all and may you find true happynest like i have. Thanks again LDATE for my new life and new love, I am not no one any more I am Pennys girl and I am loved, Debra G> Kelley 56yrs old