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Posted on Sat, Jul 29, 2006 07:53

How do you feel about the war in Irag, the war in Lebanon, Afganastan. How about what is going on in Korea? How about the Genicide in Sudan? Does anyone out there care? Are we doing what we can to stop all this war and suffering and terror? I hate what is going on in the world. I hate that we used the horror of 9/11 to go and invade another country for one man's personal vendetta. Here our government says we must do this to protect ourselves and the people of these countries yet we do nothing to help the people of Sudan who are at this moment having their own holacaust!!!! What about the children that are dying from these wars and from starvation such as the babies in Africa. How about here at home?! What about our suffering children? Those in the care of the States, abused and neglected children, the homeless children, the children with working parents but are still at poverty level. WHEN ARE WE AS PEOPLE GOING TO BAN TOGETHER TO HELP THOSE THAT CANNOT HELP THEMSELVES? ARE WE SUCH A RICH COUNTRY? ARE WE SO SELF ABSORBED? ARE WE THE LAND OF THE FREE SO THAT WE DON'T HAVE TO CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE? WHAT PRICE DO WE REALLY PAY FOR FREEDOM? DO WE PAY IT WITH OUR HUMANITY? DO WE?!!!!!

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Posted on Fri, Nov 24, 2006 19:19

Thank you for your earnest ,heart-felt plea to Ban together... I believe the Universe (God if you will) is watching our actions (or non-actions) and we will reap what we sow on these atrocities we are witness to in our life-time . We say to our selves that we get them at the next election to do the right thing,but as we remember Florida the vote can be made to do whateva these Madmen want. The emphasis is definetly on the "men" and pseudo "men" eg Condi Rice Men,thats all they want is war. Good luck ,and Where do I sign-up??

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