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Blog title: Life and times of Q
Blog description: Sweet, Soft (well trained) Butch runs amuck on the beach! New in Corpus Christi and LOVING IT!!! Where is the Princess?
My blog address: http://LDate.com/blog/q_baby
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Did i die and go to Heaven or what??? 156 Views 08/08/07
Wow, my lucky day!!! i always knew it would come... I AM THE WHITE KNIGHT AND I KNEW IT WOULD PAY OFF SOME DAY!!! Yesterday, on the beach, here in Corpus, i rescued your little car from the waves and you BOTH were such grateful little lesbians...NO NO, let me thank you!!! What a blast i had with yall last night...Yall are not really sisters are you, because that would have been really kinky schiott if you really are, im not gonna think on that no mas! Muchas gracias from a grinning ass lil boi butch this morning...im going back to the beach...see you Both there!!!!
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