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Blog title: New To This .How to break the ice? 2 go from here
Blog description: I have only in the past had heterosexual relationships. Just within the past month or so, I got turned on (then turn off)-because she was psycho/obsessive etc, by a now former friend. We just kissed. (hey what can I say, I kissed a girl-and I liked it!)I have in the past been approached by females before, but never considered it. It just didn't cross my mind. So I now consider myself a bisexual. I'm at new turning point in my life. Now where do I go from here?! Any opinions, suggestions?
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On the lighter side of things....Stupidest inventions?! 97 Views 06/07/09
In this economy,I happened to think about something today. WHY /or HOW do some people get RICH off of the STUPIDEST inventions?! These are some just off the top of my head..... The PET Rock- Did people really go to the store to buy a rock? You find plenty of those outside,for FREE. Chia Pets- I personally do not want to grow herbs, out of something that ugly. Snuggles- You look like you're wearing an mid-evil oversized Monk outfit. (Like in the commercial) - Would you really go outside in that? Umbrella hat- Can you say "court jester or joker". Life size dolls (for girls)- I am thinking from my young daughters' point of view. Would I REALLY want a 5'6" doll looking at me? Creepy Smooth Away- Sounds to good to be true. Either it doesn't work, or you are willing to take off the layers of your skin first. OUCH! A Spork (fork /spoon together)- What really is a spork going to do? Just decide, fork or spoon! Child proof lighters- MOST are ADULT proof! Can you Ladies think of anymore? (cause I know their is a lot out there). This topic almost has me thinking. Maybe I should go, slap two magnets together and sell it (on ebay). (Instead of clipping coupons). One Love!
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10 ways to make to feel on top of the world 98 Views 06/06/09
#1 Give Compliments #2 Accept compliments #3 Know who YOU are inside, and embrass that. #4 DON'T ACCEPT ABUSE FROM ANYBODY. (we are all human beings who NEED RESPECT) #5 TREAT OTHERS, AS YOU WOULD LIKE YOU TO BE TREATED! #6 Be openminded, as you would want the some of YOU #7 Live every giving day to the fullest, (you may not see tomorrow)! #8 Look on the bright side, you could have it worse (like the saying goes, ("there is always someone currently doing worse off than YOU") # Be thankful for what you got #10 THe most important of all,- be thankful to who ever is your "HIGHER POWER" for waking YOU up today.
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Question? How to you come out to your young child???????? 104 Views 06/03/09
There usually are questions about coming out to your family, friends etc. But how can you come out to your young child? Am I nervous? YES! He is a pretty accepting person. But with societies negative views, religious views etc, I am wondering how to tell him. I don't care about what anybody else thinks, but he's my everything. Suggestions, Comments,
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