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  • I have only in the past had heterosexual relationships. Just within the past month or so, I got turned on (then turn off)-because she was psycho/obsessive etc, by a now former friend. We just kissed. (hey what can I say, I kissed a girl-and I liked it!)I have in the past been approached by females before, but never considered it. It just didn't cross my mind. So I now consider myself a bisexual. I'm at new turning point in my life. Now where do I go from here?! Any opinions, suggestions?
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On the lighter side of things....Stupidest inventions?! Posted on Jun 07, 2009 at 08:15 AM
In this economy,I happened to think about something today. WHY /or HOW do some people get RICH off of the STUPIDEST inventions?! These are some just off the top of my head..... The PET Rock- Did people really go to the store to buy a rock? You find plenty of those outside,for FREE. Chia Pets- I personally do not want to grow herbs, out of something that ugly. Snuggles- You look like you're wearing an mid-evil oversized Monk outfit. (Like in the commercial) - Would you really go outside in that? Umbrella hat- Can you say "court jester or joker". Life size dolls (for girls)- I am thinking from my young daughters' point of view. Would I REALLY want a 5'6" doll looking at me? Creepy Smooth Away- Sounds to good to be true. Either it doesn't work, or you are willing to take off the layers of your skin first. OUCH! A Spork (fork /spoon together)- What really is a spork going to do? Just decide, fork or spoon! Child proof lighters- MOST are ADULT proof! Can you Ladies think of anymore? (cause I know their is a lot out there). This topic almost has me thinking. Maybe I should go, slap two magnets together and sell it (on ebay). (Instead of clipping coupons). One Love!
10 ways to make to feel on top of the world Posted on Jun 06, 2009 at 03:54 AM
#1 Give Compliments #2 Accept compliments #3 Know who YOU are inside, and embrass that. #4 DON'T ACCEPT ABUSE FROM ANYBODY. (we are all human beings who NEED RESPECT) #5 TREAT OTHERS, AS YOU WOULD LIKE YOU TO BE TREATED! #6 Be openminded, as you would want the some of YOU #7 Live every giving day to the fullest, (you may not see tomorrow)! #8 Look on the bright side, you could have it worse (like the saying goes, ("there is always someone currently doing worse off than YOU") # Be thankful for what you got #10 THe most important of all,- be thankful to who ever is your "HIGHER POWER" for waking YOU up today.
Question? How to you come out to your young child???????? Posted on Jun 03, 2009 at 11:10 PM
There usually are questions about coming out to your family, friends etc. But how can you come out to your young child? Am I nervous? YES! He is a pretty accepting person. But with societies negative views, religious views etc, I am wondering how to tell him. I don't care about what anybody else thinks, but he's my everything. Suggestions, Comments,