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Blog description: Hello ^o^ My name is Rin My age now 22 I was born on 24 december 1988 My hobbys dance,cosplay,drama,shopping,listen music Hunting lolita dress,photoshoot and Modeling About me I type a good women,care,love and cute I love everywhere lolita style. In here I would like to find girl But according to the My type and age 22-25. My type girl Good,care me,save me ,same hobby,same favorit music and movie. My type girl posing clothes like male about hair to. My type girl style Har...
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Hello X3 Posted on Wed, Jan 12, 2011 08:45
My name is Rin My age now 22 I was born on 24 december 1988 My type blood O My job is a college student and dancer My hobbys cosplay,dance,drama,modeling Photoshoot,shopping,hunting Lolita,watch any movie and Listen musix. About me I type a good women,cute,care,love and soft I would like to find girl in here.But according to type and age 22-25 My type she is kind, love, caring, funny and protect me. We have the same hobby that is cosplay.She is health .My type that I want her style harajuku boy style and Mana Sama. My type is what I want her hair harajuku style.