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Posted on Dec 08, 2005 at 10:24 PM

okay so i was hanging with this gurl i've been flirting with 4eva. her name was neesh. she was so sexy. nice body, curves and bumps in all the right places, especially from behind...lol anyway. i picked her up from work and we decided to go to my place. now my parents were gone and my aunt was cool so there wasn't a question of if she was spending the night or not cuz she was...and she did. it was late and we started watching movies. gettin relaxed we began removing our clothes(getting ready 4 bed)we got under the covers and watched tv. we decided to turn off the tv and there we were. me and her in the dark. we started talkig ang she started playing with me ears while sucking her thumb(which is so cute to me when gurls do that) she discovering that turned me on, neesh continued and eventually she got on top of me and started kissing me. lets just say i didn't stop her, and i finished what she started..lol

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