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  • If Your Gay Your Going To Hell???
  • My famliy doesnt know im gay people at the school i attened doesnt like gay people and then if bein gay isnt hard enough you have to deal with ignorant people saying your going to hell i just dont understand if 2 people love eachother why cant people just let them be..
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Tiered Of Being Misunderstood Posted on Tue, Jul 27, 2010 17:57
Hi everyone i just got started doing the blogs and things people when they see me they think im ghetto rude loud and obnoxious i dont know why im actually really shy and dont like to talk much at times i feel like im so misunderstood at times.........but in realizeation im the sweetest shyest gurl
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How Do you find Love? Posted on Tue, Jul 27, 2010 17:54
Hi Im Carissa And i Feel Like Females only date me for my body or becuase i spoil them how do i find a honest loyal perosn who is real and honest
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