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Blog title: What do lesbian widows do..
Blog description: Why does no one ever talk about being a lesbian widow. I surely can't be the only one. Sharon passed away just a bit over 6 months ago. We were together for 26 years, 7 months and 16 days.She was also bedfast for the last 11 years which added to the isolation. We were each other's world and now I find myself trying to reach out and scared to death at the same time. Just wondered if there were any others like me out there.
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is there hope for a lesbian widow Posted on Sun, May 18, 2008 00:00
I gind myself at the age of 55 a lesbian widow living in the sticks of kentucky. Sharon and I were together almost 27 years and her last 11 she was bedfast. The loneliness is overwhelming and i so want to find myself in the arms of someone who wants to love me for me again. Just he idea of someone making love to me again is overwhelming, it has been such a long, long time. But you never hear of lesbain widows. I surely can't be the only one out here looking for a second chance at love.
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