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Blog title: who i want to be with
Blog description: i want to be with a person who can love me just for me and not just becasue i have money or any thing like that . because i have feelings just like every one elss my life has been okey lately . my parents accept me for who i am and they support me on that . i want to be with a girl who i really truely like . see some people just go and get the perosn who they think that go be there with them. i want a family and a gf who go be there with me threw up s and downs .
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who i want to be with Posted on Thu, May 06, 2010 16:37
if you really lier becasue if she a girl just go after her if she really worth it you will keep getting her attention and if she answers and laught at your stupid jokes and every thing yeah" she's worth of it all
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