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Blog title: Hi, new here, but willing to try this out! =D
Blog description: wow! this place is huge! umm,ok sorry! anyway. first time here! really excited about meeting new people. umm,I really don't know what to say on my first blog. so nervous!! Today went ok, I guess. Classes resume again on Monday. Can't wait until I finally get all this college done! All I want to do is write, and read, oh! and of course hang out with people. anyway just talk if you want. no presure. =D ok (laughing) maybe a little. Sincerely Tab>like the energy drink
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The Reasons of Love? 67 Views 03/07/10
What exactly is love? An attachment?, an inexcusable feeling?, perheps an unbreakable bond? In Harry G Frankfurt's short novel "The Reasons of Love", he describes love as "understanding, and or, responsive." We begin loving the things that we love because we are struck by their value. If we did not find the beloved valuable , we would not love it." "At times, we speak of people or of other things as "unworthy" of our love. Perheps this means that the cost of loving them would be greater than the benefit of doing so." My explination of love is something more fragile. When I think of love I automatically think of people, wether I know them or not has no affect on me. Love to me is concerning, and unconditional. To me it is an unbreakable bond. Yes it may benifit me, and another, but it is love. WHAT IS LOVE TO YOU? IS IT VALUEABLE TO YOU? WHY DO YOU LOVE?
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notice 93 Views 02/26/10
what is it that draws people to you? what starts it? a fragile look?, a quick look at the body and she catches you? maybe it's her face, which seems to draw you to her. whatever it maybe lets hear it ladies!!
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not all 266 Views 02/23/10
Question, since noone talks on here. How many woman, when they are looking for the perfect partner look at their age first? What is the first thing your eyes snatch when you look at their information? and what is the very first question you ask them? Well?? 9 times out of 10 woman look at the age. Does age even matter? to most of you, the answer would be yes. Ask yourself this ladies... "What kind of partner would I want to spend the rest of my life with?"
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