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cant seem to get over the ex! Need advice asap! 198 Views 04/03/11
My ex and i were together for five yrs. She broke up with me a year ago and has been dating a guy for a few months now. I am still very much in love with her i think. I cant seem to get her out of my mind. It doesnt help that she still calls me and tells me she loves me and wants to continue sleeping with me. Im not too sure her boyfriend would appreciate that, so of course as much as i want to i havent given in to temptation. How am i supposed to get over her? What do i do? Any advice would be appreciated!!
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where is everyone?!! 204 Views 03/22/11

i've never done the online trying to meet new people thing, and it doesn't seem to be working anyway! i just want to meet new ladies! haha is that so much to ask?!! ok ok had to vent for a sec. if anyone needs a good laugh or just someone to talk to, LET ME  KNOW!!! i love meeting and talking to new people!  i promise you won't regret it!


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