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not all tmj54... 266 02/23/2010
I'm new in the area and looking for some attentio ... changingwom... 157 02/21/2010
I have been blessed nooo... 95 02/19/2010
New and confused Issabe... 123 02/18/2010
hiya, another newbie to the site! xx xxcarly... 146 02/18/2010
hey i'm new :) S000957... 128 02/16/2010
What is Love! Princess20... 79 02/14/2010
Is there such a thing as "love at first ... BlueWitchyWom... 108 02/12/2010
PASSION cheyenne69... 187 02/11/2010
congrats to the "SAINTS" bestyearsahe... 31 02/10/2010
Whateva Slater20... 38 02/10/2010
fems look @ thee pic holla infamousStud... 141 02/10/2010
Happy Valentine's Day, Ladies....... uric... 70 02/09/2010
I think its funny...don't you think? uric... 67 02/09/2010
4am part 2 LiveWithMeani... 58 02/07/2010
DatStud2000 DatStud20... 88 02/01/2010
Getting older odett... 131 01/31/2010
soulmate/otherhalf iwantarealwom... 131 01/29/2010
1 nice gal seeking same bestyearsahe... 168 01/29/2010
Women Loving Women bestyearsahe... 262 01/27/2010
Looking for a date!! kelly... 194 01/26/2010
New to the site...wanting to meet single wome ... odett... 133 01/26/2010
Jan 26th! aaaica... 48 01/26/2010
hey ppl!! saddu... 62 01/22/2010
Just One Dollar bestyearsahe... 67 01/19/2010
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