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Looking for some friends lisaangel... 199 03/22
Wishing and hoping for someone to come my wa ... nooo... 247 02/28
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It's a good day nooo... 47 02/21
When You Know It's Over Sirkowsk... 139 02/08
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never say never nooo... 114 01/10
lookin for friends! katie_dood... 249 01/02
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South Africa MeLbEe... 91 11/01
i duno girl... 86 09/18
ahhhhhh girl... 90 09/18
She wants to be friends again... Annepat... 281 06/10
Behind every great MAN?!? loveg... 102 04/16
A letter to Jela sneaker_lov... 137 02/24
Here it is clumsy... 139 02/01
A story of love and loss Annepat... 208 01/11
hi ysabel20... 183 12/08
Story of my life... KateGalliglati... 281 12/03
SweetSexyWoman.... easygoingmomo... 350 10/08
Attraction to Sagittarius Pinkkitty... 221 09/17
be careful what you ask for nooo... 406 07/30
first date memee... 356 07/25
:) Diane128... 117 07/20
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