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Southern Cali RavenSt... 68 01/12
DONT EVEN TRY IT Removed_medonna... 531 03/19
Northern Lights bettenoir06... 75 12/15
adventuring betty... 55 12/27
this is for you!!!! funkychick... 123 11/04
Girl Scout... Cabled... 99 12/25
Hey ladies betty... 106 12/14
hey colorado spings betty... 23 12/12
I believe in climate change bettenoir06... 50 12/01
stephanie... 68 05/22
So Shore MA. Whats up Ladies? LinT... 29 11/29
South Shore MA. where are you>>? LinT... 17 11/29
New freakigurl... 38 07/12
dogleg10 dogleg... 28 11/25
I Wish I Had a River I could Skate away on bettenoir06... 52 11/21
New Friends mandark... 62 11/04
OK, I'm a cheep skate hotfloridalesbi... 79 02/17
New Piper... 45 11/10
Great, I hope to become your angel! wanghualicu... 82 02/20
What is up? Kaka... 38 11/04
November... mandark... 37 11/03
The last time I saw you askemb... 63 10/30
What Happens in Vegas... well, you know the ... gypsysty... 60 10/27
im new...whs in la area? lauren4... 58 08/11
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