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Blog title: Hey, i'm new and a little unsure how all ths works
Blog description: Hey, My name is Belinda i'm 19 and i'm looking to make some friends maybe even a little more... so if you're looking for friendship or a little more... please let me know that would be great!
My blog address: http://LDate.com/blog/Poppet
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how does this work?? 115 Views 03/11/10
This site is rather complicated... how do you contact someone if your not a gold member???...... hmmm
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A newbie in need of some advice 236 Views 03/08/10
Ok so my first efforts at a blog sucked and now that i've thought about it it would be really great if some of you ladies could help me out... I joined this site because i need a distraction from a woman i'm living with...i need a distraction from her because she has a family... husband kids all the rest of it... and i look after her kids... she it 18 years older that me but everytime i look at her i get that feeling and i can't make it go away... so i really need some advice or just one of you girls out there to come along and sweep me off my feet.... Xx
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