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Posted on Tue, Sep 18, 2012 20:15

okay so i have a lezbian friend and she knows im bi and so on. but lately just for a few moments i start to have feelings for her. like when we are play fighting or when we look at eachother( like direct stare) or sometimes we are so close it feels like we are going to kiss but she either looks away or i look away . im so lost . like i dont like her. only like her in those ways when we are in those moments. she is a girl who is still hung up about another girl and they have sex and stuff. than she tells me about this and it kinda bothers me just cus i know she keeps getting hurt.  i duno what this means. id never get with her just cus she is so different to me and wants different things in life comaperd to me , i just cant help the feeling i get in those moments and makes me wanna scream.

peace :)

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Posted on Thu, Nov 01, 2012 00:46

in short girl29 - at this point in your life its time to realize that you are physically attracted to her in as you say "those moments" so instead of thinking about how you differ in desired life paths you should live in the moment and fully enjoy your physical attraction and engage in what is going to be an incredible experience for both of you.


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