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Posted on Jan 15, 2014 at 01:23 AM

Good morning everybody, is there anyone there?  Well I guess not, this is the first time I'Ve done this, don't know if it's cos just had a near miss with a lovely lady I fell for, and yes, got burned badly with, or I'm just intrigued, bored, or looking for a friend/ poss. rel.

Anyway, got to start somewhere, have already commented on a couple of the topics, some really make my blood boil when I read them, seeing how we still struggle to be recognised, understood, tollerated and accepted, even at my age the discrimination shown and experienced prevents a loving and natural relationship.  I think we all need to push for acceptance, don't know how it is in U.S.A. etc.. but here it's still pretty much taboo and scary to be known as a lesbian/gay woman.


Anyway will write more if I get any responses, as yet, there havn't been any, getting bored and thinking of going elsewhere, so if you want to chat girls hurry on now or I'm gone!


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