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Posted on Aug 04, 2008 at 01:18 PM

Laughter is really important in a woman's life. Women love to laugh and will do anything to have some fun one or the other way. Laughter is the key to attract them. Laughter is the number one key component in a successful relationship. Laughter is a psychological effect of humor. When you laugh, changes occur in various parts of your body; in your brain, in your heart and stomach and even in your legs and arms. That is a time when your defenses are down and you become more receptive and sensitive to everything. When you make a woman laugh, apart from feeling good yourself, you give the impression that you are a sociable, attractive, humorous human being. No woman wants someone who is boring and serious all the time. The technique of making women laugh is so effective that it can change your entire life. You can start by laughing at bad situations or by laughing at simple things and even at yourself. By time you will realize that the women you talk with will laugh with you. That will boost your self-confidence to top levels and soon you will become a woman magnet. It's up to you. Laugh using all your senses. Listen to the sounds of your laughter. Feel the emotion. Everybody smiles every now and then. Do not just smile. Instead try to laugh as loud as possible. Turn your smile into laughter. You will eventually build a magnetism that will reflect to your great personality. You will notice that the women around you will start having a positive opinion about you.

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