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Posted on Mon, Aug 09, 2010 22:49

So i made my 3rd attempt to work things out civily with my parents about me being gay... now only this time I have a girlfriend and the ambition to not back down! After saying what i had to say, for example: "Im not any different than before, you know my heart, soul and mind!" blah blah blah.... they (my parents) told me that my way of living isint welcome in this house. I said ok, fine and since i already prepared myself for the answer i expected i had already [acked my bags and made arrangments to stay with my gf and her family untill i could get everything straightened out with my life. My parents, when they found out where i was going shockingly asked for me to come back home so we can "talk".... when i arrived back at the house it started off as a screaming fight, then a physical brawl between my mo, and i, I almost left.. again, and the last 4 hours of that long day was spent in my room trying to meet "in between" with my mom. Long story short- im still living at home, still have a girlfriend (who cant come to the house, which was one of the agreements) and i still have my dignity. So if anyone is out there either preparing themselves for a battle or is fighting one right now, just remember- BE TRUE TO YOURSELVES!!

-Stefanie :)

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Posted on Fri, Aug 20, 2010 05:01

Abosolutely ! be true to yourself but, you have to understand that it's probably a shocker for your parents " mom " as well. If she loves you, in time she will become more acceptable of your life style.I think she will because she wanted you back home unlike other parents that never want to see their own flesh and blood ever again. Good luck.

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