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Posted on Fri, Dec 02, 2005 22:13

ok guys well actually girls. lol im going off into the goffy end of things. it late on a friday night and i am so tired, i have been up all day trying to make myself stop procratinating but i dont think its working. i have a 10 page paper due next week and i have started on it but i have no idea what its about. i am just writing stuff and hoping in the end it will all fit together. lol. well for anyone who has been following my oh so boring life i had a great thankgiving break, i went to my roommies house, and it was great made me very lazy, we left early and came back late, i so dont want to be here. i just failed a calculas test today and i have a psych test and psoter due next week. i havent even started on the poster. well let me see i did go to a play today it was called the whole sky, it was like a reality show it was ok i really liked the sign interpretation on the side best. ummm let me see i still dont know if im lesbian or not, i kind of dont want to be but i notice that i notice more things about girl than i do boys. maybe if i date a boy then i would finally get to know. i still have not had a lesbian experience yet, wait what am i talking about i havent had a strait experince yet, lol. well ok ill try ,y best to keep you updated this time for anyone who is reading this, other than that have a great day and good luck on your finals i know i need it.

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Posted on Wed, Jan 18, 2006 10:14

well i hope you figure out what you want... i know for me in was a really long process, and even stil li dont entirely undrstand everything.. good luck :)

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